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آلواح أكسيد المغنيسيوم

Magnesium Oxide Boards "Mgo"

.تتميز ألواح الماجنيزيوم بخواصها الفائقة مقارنة بالألواح الجبسية أو الخشبية أو الأسمنتية .


   STUCCOكأساس للـ- 


  كأساس للسيراميك حيث يتم لصق السيراميك مباشرة على الألواح- 


لأسقف المعلقة و أعمال الديكوراتل- 


  تستخدم بدلا من أعمال المحارة حيت توفر سطح أملس -


كحوائط داخلية أو فى أعمال الواجهات و خاصة فى الأماكن التى تتعرض للرطوبة أو القريبة من البحر -


يحتوى اللوح على ناحية ملساء تصلح للدهان و ناحية خشنة تصلح للتشطيب الأسمنتى أو للصق السيراميك


.تتوافر الواح الماجنيزيوم بتخانات و مقاسات مختلفة , كما يمكن تغطية الألواح بقشرة خشبية لتعطي شكلا جذابا

Magnesium Oxide Boards 'MGO" commonly known as “MgO” or magnesia is a revolutionary product for the construction industry"

Mineral based, non-toxic, and environmental friendly sheathing material with unparalleled properties for use in the construction industry. MGO is a revolutionary product in its field. MGO can boast superior fire, thermal and acoustic properties, as well as being stronger and lighter than alternative sheathing material. High compressive strength and impact resistance allows it to be used as a structural element and its resistance to water and moisture makes it highly versatile and applicable for use in almost any construction or renovation project.

The basic element used in Magnesium Oxide Boards, which is hygroscopic solid naturally occurring mineral. Comprising predominantly of magnesium as name suggests - one of the most abundant resource found in the earth’s crust. This is combined with additional material to enhance the natural characteristics of Ecomag over other board material.


MGO is completely safe and naturally occurring that can be used for multiple applications; provide structural sheathing as internal and External walls, floor, roof covering and platform amongst other applications.

MGO is white-cream color with standard sizes;

1220mm wide and 2440mm up-to 3660mm long.

Thickness 6mm, 9mm, 12mm,15mm, 18mm, and 20mm.


The boards can be easily cut, nailed or screwed. It can be directly painted with any regular acrylic or oil paint or laminated with different designs for interior or exterior finishes.

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